Realism Mod and Stranded2

Stranded 2 (Zoomed in)

I don't know what they're saying, but the thumbs up pic is worth a thousand words!

[Translation by HC_Bogus]

What to do if your spaceship crashed in a grim area, your motion detector
looks like a mazy map of stars and all you have got is a knife? This is the
situation you are confronted with in the single player mod "Stranded 2" by
the mapping artist Mark "Coty" Adams. Your mission: start up a windmill and
a radar in order to call the control ship to rescue you. likewise the
original map Stranded in AvP2 you have to reach several keypoints which are
spread out over 2 buildings, placed far away from each other. Especially
remarkable are the detailed landscape and buildings graphics and the suiting
frowningly music.

Pro + Contra:
+ difficult quests
+ much action
- often too complicated

bottom line: sp mod filled with action, contains many monsters and riddles.