History of Ikarus:

In the year 2185 spaceships from an unknown part of the universe invaded planet earth in an effort to wipe out mankind. The creatures, known as "SKULLS," waged a war with our CDF Dreadnauts for almost 2 years, but we were able to isolate the Queen, and without her, the scorpion like creatures were helpless. Many centuries have gone since then and little is known about the incidents. Recently "Viper Technologies," a subsidiary of "Bowing" star craft have been doing research on a machine that can bring back certain metals from the past. Some have called it a "time machine." We have been able to retrieve several spacecraft from the archives of the past. One such dropship, "Ikarus" was better known by the Dreadnauts as "Skullbait" has been retrieved and almost fully restored. SkullBait got it's name from dropping into enemy territory and rescuing Dreadnauts from all over the galaxy. It is believed that SkullBait rescued over 30,000 Dreads from 2185 to 2187 when the war was finally over.


A group of renegades known only as "HARM" have broken into one of Vipers faculties and stolen one such spacecraft under reconstruction. There was a beacon onboard that could only be triggered if destroyed. The beacon has been located somewhere in the vicinity of planet Mikhal. We can only assume that either HARM detonated the beacon by crashing on the planet, or have discovered the beacon and destroyed it in order to be rescued. The spacecraft they stole had not been refueled and had just enough ferrobauxite to get to that region. In either case your mission is to go to Mikhal and recover important documents, and possibility the ship itself.

Episode 1

Viper Technologies have agreed to let us use their environment simulator at hanger 51 to get a little practice of the environment you will encounter. SkullBait is ready to go to the MikHal region, but it is uncertain at this time if she will take you all the way to MikHal. ETA is at 0600 so you and your men should have enough time to get in about 20 0r 30 minutes of practice before departure.

Viper hanger 51 is located below Oasis Caverns and the facility does NOT allow firearms, but they have provided you with lasers which are under development.

Be sure you check you firearms here at the entrance.

Also be advised that they suspect HARM has infiltrated their warehouse at hanger 51 because this "time machine" and the dropship recovery program was , and still is TOP SECRET. They want their ship back, and we want our records.

Good Luck and God speed on a safe recovery...

This message will self destruct in 5 seconds...