Repairing the Windmill

Aligning the Radar Disk

Hacking the Control Panel

Piloting the Ship

Restore the power to the two spider complex buildings and pilot the dropship to get back onboard.

Play Test Hints-I have given slow machines like mine about 15 seconds at the start of the game to let you get adjusted to the environment. Use this time to move the mouse and get Player able to move in 360 degrees without a lapse in framerate. You might also want to fire a round off to get the muzzle flash adjusted.

Get the ammo box on the dropship door. Use the shotgun to wipeout runners that may come in that area.

Use the pulse rifle to take out the two egg sacks on the left of the dropoff. Stay to the left.

If you can just wound the drones, leave them to suffer. Keeping them alive will cause less to spawn.

On the cocooned guy at the hill is some health, but you have only a 33% chance to get it. It's always worth a try. There is no more health.

There are some steroids (armor) in the first-aid kits in the lockers. Some people will probably overlook this. You need to keep your health up to survive.

Be cautious around the chestbursters. They can take your health quick. Learn their locations and take them out fast.

Try to save your flame thrower until the end. Aliens are easily torched.

The lever in the control panel is not activated until the control panel is hacked and the radar is fixed, or on the mill side, until the mill is running. There is a system computer in both spiders that can turn on or off the system help. The system help defaults to ON. Turning this off can end the delay you suffer while it updates you on what to do next, but you can also forget to pilot the dropship and run back to the swamp only to find it empty. I would leave it on for a few times.

Special Note: There is a level of difficulty built into the map for those who think the map is either too easy, or too hard. It works like this: When you run through the narrow passageway between the spiders with the System Help ON, it turns off two multi-Spawners which control three drones and two runners.

Easy: The System Help defaults to ON so running through this passageway ASAP will turn off the spawners until you fix both spiders. You will still have as many as 5 aliens to kill that may have already been spawned. There will still be one spawner at each spider that will be turned on as you attempt to fix it.

Normal: Leave the System Help ON and fix one spider. Going through the passageway to the next spider will turn off the multi-spawners giving you a short pause of aliens until the other spider is fixed. In both cases, the multi-spawners will still be turned back on after both spiders are fixed.

Hard: Turn OFF the System Help. This will lock the trigger that turns off the multi-spawners. There will be a constant supply of aliens at all times.

I've also made the locker doors non-solid so you can take advantage of them as cover by standing in that area while hacking the control panel.

For the most part, the aliens are randomly spawned between 8 and 45 seconds. There is also a predalien Multi Spawner that is turned on when you start back to the dropship. ALL aliens pop easy. Due to the random events and objective completion, sometimes there will be few and sometimes many.

A special thanks to Modmaker for his kind support and words of wisdom :)

I would also like to thank those of you that gave me feedback on the map during the BETA stage. Some of you found a bug that I fixed. Some of you made a comment or suggestion that was implemented.

Thank You,



Good Luck!