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Stranded 2

Return to Stranded

Written By Coty

Senario: You have landed back on Stranded to check out why the colonist have not responded in weeks. Landing the dropship some distance from the colony, you investigate what appeared from above to be some sort of swamp. The vibration from the dropship must have weakend some rocks and they give way blocking you off from the ship. There are no survivers on Stranded, and neither spider colonies have enough power to pilot the ship. A windmill shaft is broken on one spider station, and a radar disk is out of alignment on the other. The radar base will also need to be tack welded into place. Both stations must be running in order to support the power needed to communicate to the dropship because the signal has to travel to a relay station some distance away. Once repairing the above mentioned and hacking into the spiders control panels to get the power back on, you will be able to remote pilot the dropship to another safe landing place. (Keep your eye on the computer screen until the dropship safely lands. The camera will exit you after it lands.) Fight your way back to the dropship and you're home free...

Instructions: This Marine map should show up in your Single Player Custom levels if you place the rez file in your Root Game Folder. Place the rez file in the Aliens vs. Predator2 folder and start the game. Choose "Options" at the startup screen. In the command line box type, "-rez S2.rez" and check "Always Load These Files."

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