Tomika's Daughter - low poly version

THIS MODEL PACKAGE IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY Monolith Productions, or any of its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Coty's Nolf1 model "Indian Hero"with SparedLife's custom skin Pack!

*NOTE The package on this web site has been modified to exclude SparedLife's extra skins because of limited disk space. If you want the 50 some-odd extra skins for Tomica's Daughter, you might want to try asking SparedLife for them, or check out his web site. He has been notified of the change, and will probably put them online soon. I also removed the "For Texture Artist" folder.


Indian Hero is a custom character that will replace the Obrian model in Single Player, and Johnson (Multi Player) in AvP2. This is a totally new character. It's not a texture remake over the existing Obrian/Johnson character. The rez file doesn't modify any txt fiiles, so it should be compatible with other servers. Along with the rez file, you will find a couple of other folders. One has a uv mask for the body and head along with some masked off objects you could use to mix and match things like legs, hands, and pants length. The other folder is all the textures that I could find that SparedLife sent me that fit this model's uv-set. I have already converted them to dtx format for you. All you really need to do, if you want to change clothes, is to import the file into the rez under the skin file name "obrian_torso.dtx," or "obrian_legs.dtx." Something else I suggest you could do is make copies of the obrian.rez file and modify them to use different skins. So obrian2.rez could hold another skin and head that you like. You can get Winrez from BlackAngel-Software to view, import, and extract the skins through Windows fairly easily.

To install the new model, put the rez file in your "ROOT" Game folder (where the lithtech.exe is), and add the text -rez obrian.rez in the CommandLineTextBox under Options at the startup splash screen.

I couldn't let this thing go without personally thanking tempExistance and the Soul Assassins for beta testing, and for all the support! Thanks Guys
Thank You SparedLife for all the skins.

That's it! I hope you enjoy the model as mush as I enjoyed making it.

Note to Modders: This model has a canaster belt in the rez that is already adjusted to a new "Torso" socket I added.